We obtained accreditation in 2008 from Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation. School of Business Administration and Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business are associated with this program at Soongsil. Business Education Accreditation program was established to enhance the quality of business education in Korean universities. The Association is responsible for evaluation and accreditation.

For a business education program to be accredited, it should have less than 80 students per course, student/faculty ratio should be better than 25, the courses taught by full-time faculty members should exceed 40% of the total courses, etc.

Major objectives of the accreditation program are as follows

  • To enhance the quality of business education
  • To manage business education in systematic ways
  • To develop specialty programs
  • To reinforce need-based business education
  • To manage education in terms of accomplishments
  • To induce voluntary participations
  • To synchronize education standards with external accreditation programs and other evaluation organizations.

Accreditation Effects

  • Standardization of undergraduate curricula and syllabi
  • Upgrade of services such as provision of lecture data, including case studies
  • Experts produced required by industries and business communities

Required Courses for Accreditation

  • A minimum number of credits for business major is 45 units, including major-required and major-electives
  • The same requirement is applicable to double major students with a business major.
  • Seven courses are designated as required for accreditation: Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Management Information System, Operation Management, and Entrepreneurship.


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