The purpose of trade education accreditation is to provide college students with quality trade education and to encourage trade educators to be fully responsible for their educational activities. Trade Education Accreditation is administered by Accreditation Board for Trade Education of Korea (ABTEK), which was established by Higher Education Law in 2007.

Objectives of Accreditation Board for Trade Education of Korea (ABTEK) can be summarized as follows

  • To establish systematic trade education to meet the changes in international commerce: In the age of globalization and information, the global economic environment is rapidly changing and it urges us to make constant adjustments in matters involving international commerce. The fact that Korea’s trade volume represents 13th ranking in the world and that Korea’s dependence on international commerce exceeds 80% makes it even more urgent for us to be more systematic and accountable in trade education.
  • To implement standardized education programs that meet global trade environments: The first initiative is to develop a standardized trade education program and to acquire ISO9001 Quality Certificate. Similar standardization initiatives will be followed in the areas of tariff, logistics and electronic trade. We aim to have our standardized education programs established as international standardization. For this purpose, we will maintain close contacts with international organizations such as NASBITE, World Bank, WTO, UNCTAD, and UNIDO, and will cooperate with KOICA and KDI for education, training and economic advisory in developing countries.
  • To administer accreditation program on the basis of specialized curricula and syllabi: The very nature of trade education calls for global accreditation to accommodate pluralistic cultures of the world and to guarantee globalized professionalism. This process will help to consolidate the national infrastructure for international commerce.
  • To keep up with general educational trend to enhance international competitiveness: Most countries adopt trade education programs or trade education accreditation programs to improve educational qualities. Our program is also expected to improve trade education and trade workforce on the one hand and to improve overall college education on the other.


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