Payment Schedule

  • Spring semester: In the latter half of February; exact dates are to be posted each year.
  • Fall semester: In the latter half of August; exact dates are to be posted each year.

Obtaining the Tuition Bill

You can print out your tuition bill from the University internet site using the following procedure.




u-Saint Potal






Print the Tuition Bill

Methods of Payment (for continuing students, returning students, and re-admitted students)

Payment Methods Notes
Internet Online Banking
  • Pay the bill using the WooriBank account number specified on the tuition bill.
  • Student is responsible for the remittance fees from other banks.
  • In online banking, the student is designated as the receiver of the remittance, not the University.
  • The remittance will be completed as far as the amount of tuition is correct, regardless of the receiver’s name.
In-person Offline Banking
  • Bank for bill payment: WooriBank only
  • Visit any branch of WooriBank and bring the tuition bill with you.
Payment Confirmation
  • Check your payment status at or
② check it at u-SAINT portal ⇒ Academic Affairs/Administration Services from at least one day after your payment.


Students who have not paid tuition and fees within the specified period before the start of the semester or those who have not submitted a Request for a Leave of Absence are to be suspended from the University by school regulations.

Students whose academic status has changed due to returning or re-admission must pay the bill according to their new status.

Tuition is refundable only when there is a payment mistake. When a refund is requested on account of expulsion or withdrawal from school, the amount of refund is determined by school regulations.

After the payment, if there arises a change of enrollment status, such as a leave of absence, the following rules apply:

Date of Occurrence Refundable Tuition Fee
Start of semester ~ 30 Days 5/6 of the tuition fee refundable
30 Days past the start of the semester ~ 60 Days 2/3 of the tuition fee refundable
60 Days past the start of the semester ~ 90 Days 1/2 of the tuition fee refundable
90 Days past the start of the semester None Refundable

Registration for Scholarship Recipients

In case the scholarship is reflected in the tuition bill:

  • Pay the remaining balance in the same way as a regular payment i.e., through online banking or offline banking.
  • Undergraduate students with full scholarship must pay the remaining fees other than the tuition in order to be properly registered. You may be processed as unregistered in the event of non-payment of ‘other fees’.
  • Graduate students with full scholarship whose balance on the tuition bill is \0 must also be properly registered by going to the Soongsil branch of WooriBank or to the office of Financial Accounting (Baird Hall 218). This registration service is not available at other branches of WooriBank. Failing to be properly registered as indicated above will result in non-registration.