Undergraduate Schools

College of Humanities

The College of Humanities was founded in 1925 as The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a part of the then Pyongyang Soongsil University.The College of Humanities has since served as a pillar of Soongsil and played a role in making Soongsil what it is today. The 11 affiliated departments seek to enrich students’ inner spiritual life and to help them attain greater maturity as human beings and as cabable intellectuals.

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Affiliated Departments

Christian Studies
Korean Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Chinese Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Literature
Faculty of Art creation Major in Creative Writing
Faculty of Art creation School of Film Arts
Division of Sports

College of Natural Sciences

Meaningful advances in science and technology are impossible without advanced basic science capability. College of Natural Sciences studies the universe, life, and changes in nature. Armed with the knowledge of pure sciences, we strengthen our applied science capability. The College was established in 1984 as Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were separated from then College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Department of Statistics later joined the College, and the Department of Bioinformatics, now the School of Medical-biosystematics, was established in 2001, the first of its kind in Korea.The College is trying to do its best to enrich students’ basic scientific abilities. Students acquire the values, creativity and the ability to think logically, which are essential elements for a scientific career.

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Affiliated Departments

Statistics and Actuarial Science
School of Systems Biomedical Science

College of Law

College of Law is dedicated to academic excellence and education of legal professionals. We hold international seminars every spring and fall to give students a global perspective. Prominent professors and legal experts are invited to these events and give special lectures to our students. These seminars have proved instrumental in nurturing prospective legal professionals to have expertise in their chosen fields and globalized outlook. The College has provided students with Soong Hyun Kwan since 1977, in which students prepare for civil service tests. Here, students study for exams in a cooperative atmosphere. They share information and materials with each other. On a more academic note, many students are involved in legal study groups such as Civic Code Study Group, Penal Code Study Group, Corporate Law Study Group, Law-and-Economics Study Group, and American Law Study Group, through which they deepen their legal knowledge from the regular classes.

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Affiliated Departments

Global Law

College of Social Science

At College of Social Sciences, we study what society is and how it works and figure out current social changes and their implications. Students of social science are encouraged to fully understand issues affecting our society. We are striving to nurture students to have understandings of other scientific disciplines as well as sufficient knowledge of basic social sciences. Our students are growing into professionals who would be able to adapt to rapid changes and play a pivotal role in this ever-more diversified society.

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Affiliated Departments

School of Social Welfare
School of Public Administration
Political Science and International Relations
Information Sociology
Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising
Lifelong Education

College of Economics and International Commerce

College of Economics and International Commerce provides quality education for future leaders who would play a pivotal role in various economic fields. With the advent of digital economy, we have experienced rapid changes in international commerce, not least of which is the change involving the WTO system. As a result, we are in the midst of globalization processes and they require a large number of experts in international commerce. We are trying our best to meet this challenge by providing adequate education for our students. We are emphasizing the balance between theory and practice in our teaching. In addition, we encourage students to have communicative competence in regional languages as well as English and computer literacy.

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Affiliated Departments

Global Commerce
Financial Economics
International Trade

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration consists of the School of Business Administration (Business Administration Major and Accounting Major) and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. We acquired an accreditation from Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation (KABEA) in 2008. Soongsil introduced business administration studies in 1959 for the second time in Korea, and established the Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in 1995, continually leading the field of business education in Korea. The College is trying to produce experts in business administration equipped with Christian ethics under the guidance of world-class faculty.

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Affiliated Departments

School of Business Administration
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
School of Finance
Venture Management
Innovation Management
Welfare Management

College of Engineering

College of Engineering explores subjects and technologies that are working as forces that move the world. The College is dedicated to leading the nation’s industrial development by opening new courses required to keep pace with new technological developments. To give students more opportunities to have various cultural experiences and help them better use their acquired knowledge and information, we provide them with more courses on culture and art and information management and opportunities to have field experiences. In particular, we introduced in 2009 a new system called Accreditation for Engineering Education to help them grow into a professional

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Affiliated Departments

Chemical Engineering
Industrial Information Systems Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Architecture
Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering

College of Information Technology

Since the establishment of the Department of Computing in 1969, the first of its kind in Korea, College of Information Technology has served as a pioneer of IT education in the nation. In 2006, College of Information Sciences was merged with the School of Electronic Engineering to create College of Information Technology. With the catch phrase of ‘Academically and Industrially Incorporated Education System to Produce Integrated IT Professionals’, the College has been supported by the government since 2007. We acquired ABEEK accreditation in 2008 and are providing world-class education.

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Affiliated Departments

School of Computing
School of Electronic Engineering
The Global School of Media
School of Software
Smart Systems Software
Media and Management

School of Convergence Specialization

The freshman students of School of Convergence Specialization are engaged in liberal arts education, SW basic education, majors basic education, convergence competency education, creative education and leadership education. At the time of 2nd grade promotion, ‘Future Social Convergence (Smart Car, Energy Engineering, Information Protection, Big Data, ICT Distribution and Logistics, Unification Diplomacy and Development Cooperation)’ and ‘ +1), and complete the corresponding convergence major and major curriculum (“Major” limits the number of students within 30% of the entrance quota for each department) Students in this School will be able to develop professional creativity and convergence competence through differentiated discussion, problem solving, and experiential education, and grow into global talents with creative and integrated thinking required in future society.

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Affiliated Departments

Smart Cars
Energy Engineering
Information Protection
Big Data
ICT Distribution Logistics
Unification Diplomacy and Development Cooperation

Baird College of General Education

Established in April 2010 with the mission of advancing undergraduate general education, Baird College operates general education programs and oversees the general implementation of undergraduate programs. Grounded in Soongsil University’s education philosophy of Truth and Service, Baird College is responsible for the teaching of fundamental Christian principles. Baird College nurtures future leaders of our knowledge-based society by equipping them with creative thinking skills while also imparting to them a strong sense of service.

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Required Liberal Arts Courses of Baird

Modern man and the Bible
Thinking and Expression
Computational thinking
Data and Society
Academic Writing in English 1/2
Peace and Unification on the Korean Peninsula
Entrepreneurship and Behavior
The Basics of AI and Data Analysis

Baird College of General Education Affiliates

1. Liberal Arts Education Center

This program was established in 2010 to support baccalaureate instruction, reading comprehension, and reading programs to help students adjust to college life and explore their careers.
The Liberal Arts Education Center is currently providing students with necessary academic supports as well as with valuable non-credit programs. It is committed to providing students with opportunities to gain experience by being more involved in activities outside the classroom.

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2. Institute of Liberal Education

The Institute of Liberal Education aims to carry out ongoing research on general liberal arts education in order to strengthen and improve the quality of basic liberal arts education and to reflect that in the curriculum.
We also develop and operate various non-credit programs linked to liberal arts education so as to provide students with diverse experiences and to maximize their educational performance based on their core competencies.
To this end, we have contributed to the innovation and strengthening of basic liberal arts education by establishing the Basic Education Research Department, Communication Education Research Department, and Humanity Leadership Education Research Department.

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