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Downloading Software

The School supports the use of certain software applications on the campus through contracts. Downloading is available only through access to the School network using a legitimate IP.

  • Certain software applications cannot be downloaded: Please visit the PC Maintenance office (☎02)820-0806~0808) and loan the CDs. You need to bring your ID (student ID or faculty/staff ID).
  • People working at commercial facilities on the campus other than Soongsil students or staff cannot use these licensed software applications.
  • Downloading of these software applications is not available from off-campus IPs.
  • Campus License Software is meant to be used only on campus for the purposes of education, research, and administration.
  • Downloading is not possible to services such as Wibro which are not supported by the University newwork.

List of Software Applications (as of Apr. 7, 2010)

List of Software Applications (as of Apr. 7, 2010)
ApplicationManufacturerDownloadableLicense TermClick for Downloading
MS WindowsMicrosoftX3-31-2011N/A
Microsoft Office 2007MicrosoftO3-31-2011Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2010MicrosoftO3-31-2011Office 2010Installation key
Hangul 2007HancomO7-31-2011Hangul 2007
V3 vaccineAhn LabO2-29-2011V3
ALTools Products
ERP for AdministrationSAP-GUIO SAP GUI, SAP GUI patch

※ RefWorks (a similar program to EndNote): a bibliography management application contracted by the Central Library
Electronic Data on the Library Homepage > Click "RefWorks" banner on the right(For more info, contact Central Library)


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