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What is a multi-function smart card?

  • K-CASH
    By integrating K-CASH function to school IDs and student cards, Smart cards can now be used as ID cards, cash cards, security cards, attendance check cards, and E-money cards.

Multi-function Smart Card

What is a Combi-Card?

A single card is supported by both IC (contact-based) and RF (noncontact-based) interfaces and has an excellent security.


The Multi-function Smart Card system was introduced to provide the students and the staff with convenient interactions on the campus. This system is part of Campus Information Project and is supported by WooriBank.

Advantages of Smart Card

The Smart Card has a high level of security and can be continually updated as technologies progress. You can use it for various transactions on and off campus, including for ID functions and for E-money functions.

Card Design

Card Design