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Application of Smart Card

Issuance of Smart Card

  • Application site : Customer Service team at Student Union Building 1st floor
  • Phone : 02-820-0068~9
  • Phone :

First-time Issuance

  • General Application in the beginning of a semester
    • Application time : 2 weeks before the beginning of a semester (Spring: 3rd week in February; Fall: 3rd week in August)
    • Application site(s) : to be announced
    • Eligibilities : freshmen and transfer students
    • Application form : to be distributed at the site
    • Documents to prepare : 1 photo to be attached to the application form, personal seal (signature acceptable), 1 copy of your ID (resident card, driver's license, or passport)
    • Issue date : during March (Spring) and during September (Fall)
  • Occasional Application
    • Occasional Application : anytime
    • Eligibilities : students, faculty and staff members who have not been issued a Smart Card before.
    • Documents to prepare : 1 ID photo (Bring the printed photo or the photo file in usb, or send the file to and an ID card (resident card, driver's license, or passport)
    • Issue date: 1 week from application


The card is issued immediately on the application spot on the 1st floor, Student Union Building: in-person application only.
After you are re-issued a new Smart Card equipped with the ID card function from the Customer Service team, just visit WooriBank to have the bank card function added. The security card function is automatically activated.

  • Re-issuance of the lost card
    • Documents to prepare : ID card (resident card, driver's license, passport)
    • Fee : \10,000

Reporting Lost or Stolen Card

  • ID (student card) function
    • Report to Customer Service team at 02-820-0068~9.
  • Bank card function
    • Report to the counseling center of WooriBank at 1588-9955.
    • ※ You must report both to the School and to WooriBank.

Contact Info about the Smart Card

  • Soongsil Customer Service Team : 02-820-0068~9
  • WooriBank
    • On cards : 1588-9955
    • Customer service : 02-2008-5000
    • Soongsil branch : 02-820-0848