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Japanese Studies and Linguistics


General Overview

The Department of Japanese Studies and Linguistics is substantially different from ordinary departments of Japanese Language and Literature in that we provide a comprehensive coverage of politics, economy, and social and cultural matters of Japan as well as all the important Japanese language. Our graduates will be competent experts in Japan. The Department is meant to play a mediating role between Korea and Japan.

Educational Goals/Objectives


  • The Department aims to provide comprehensive curricula that encompass Japanese linguistics, Japanese literature, and social and cultural matters of Japan in addition to the basic instruction of the Japanese language.


  • To teach four language skills in a systematic way so that students may attain basic language proficiency for study and communication
  • To teach basic subjects of Japanese linguistics as an academic discipline so that students may pursue further study in theoretical linguistics
  • To have students understand Japanese culture properly
  • To equip students with professional knowledge of Japanese society in political, economical, and industrial areas

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

Elementary Japanese, Japanese Language Lab, Elementary Spoken Japanese, Introduction to Japanese Studies, Japanese History, History of Japanese Literature, Intermediate Japanese Reading, Intermediate Spoken Japanese, Basic Japanese Writing, Basic Japanese Grammar, Multimedia Japanese, Practical Japanese Writing, Japanese Economy, Advanced Japanese Reading, Business Japanese Conversation, Practical Japanese Conversation for Business, Japanese Classical Grammar, Japanese Literature, Japanese Society, Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, Studies in Japanese Popular Culture, Japanese Industry, Japanese Politics, Studies in Korea-Japan Relation, Japanese Grammatical Theory, Japanese-Korean Translation Practice, Comparative Studies in Korean and Japanese Folklore, Japanese Management, Seminar in Japanese Linguistics, Seminar in Contrastive Linguistics of Korean and Japanese, Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture, Seminar in Japanese Economy

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

As Korea has been in close contact with Japan in many areas, there are a lot of job opportunities in Japan-related businesses once you are proficient in Japanese and have proper understanding of the Japanese society. The following are some of the examples.

  • Public sector: embassy, government-owned corporation, national institute, teacher, etc.
  • Private sector: corporation, international commerce, duty-free shop, research fellow at private institute, journalism and publishing company, airline, translator/interpreter, travel guide, travel agency, self-employment
  • International business: Japanese and multinational company, financial institution, manufacturing business, trader, distribution industry

Related Licenses

JPT, JLPT (Japanese Proficiency Test), NIKKEN (Japanese Certification Test), etc.