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Department of Information Sociology


General Overview

Department of Information Sociology aims to produce experts in information sociology who can lead the information society. For this purpose, we provide instructions by which you can prevent adverse effects of information technology. Also, students are given opportunities to attend lectures on Internet gate keeping, juvenile delinquency on the Net, the craze for User Generated Content, etc., delivered by respective specialists. We intend to keep our curricula as flexible and up-to-date as possible to keep up with the social change.

Educational Goals/Objectives

  • To produce experts in social information management who can analyze information systems of the society and suggest adequate solutions to the problems. They will overcome the limitations that the dichotomous definition of hardware vs software has brought up.
  • To provide sociological understandings with a global perspective that overcome the limitations posed by analyses on the basis of technological, business-management and administrative perspectives. We approach to information-related social problems in terms of social network problems, on regional and global levels, paying special attention to cyber-communities and social deviation.

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

Introduction to Information Sociology, Sociological Methods and Research, Information and Data Analysis, Internet and Cyber-society, Perspectives on the Sociological Theories, Social Psychology of Cyberspace, Social Statistics, Information Society and Community, Web Analysis and Planning, Social Policy in Information Technology, Social Inequality, Deviance and Social Control, Cyber-culture, Organization and Information System, Science Technology and Social Change, Cyber-deviance, New Media and Information Society, Information Society and Economic Organization, Network Construction in Organization, Technology Use and Social Norm, Social Survey and Analysis, Internet and Social Movement, Special Topics in Information Society, Network and International Society, Information Content Analysis, Special Topics in Cyberspace

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

  • government agencies like National Information Society Agency, Korea Internet Security Agency, and Korea Information Society Development Institute, and internet-related companies like internet portals
  • journalism (press and broadcasting), survey companies, private or public corporations

Related Licenses

Social Survey Analyst