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Dept of Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering


General Overview

Organic materials and fiber engineering are new areas with great potential. New research opportunities are open to researchers. And progress made in these areas will help enhance the nation's scientific and technological competitiveness.

Educational Goals/Objectives

Our educational goal is to bring up engineering experts who can produce new knowledge and information. More specifically, we teach and explore basic theories and applied technologies about organic materials. Also we want our students to be equipped with Christian ethics and service spirit. Our graduates are expected to play an important role in the global age.

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

Our department is researching nano-fiber, smart fiber, bullet-proof fiber, high-performance fiber, optical fiber, etc. We also research fiber that is used for aircraft and space-craft. New materials are also being used for medicine, semiconductor, display, and electronic sensor. In other words, our department is exploring the fundamental characteristics of organic materials and fiber materials. We even teach marketing to maximize the students' potential on this subject.

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

  • Research jobs: public institutes, private institutes, chemical companies, trade companies
  • Development jobs: organic materials-related institutes, garment companies