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Electronic Engineering


General Overview + Educational Goals/Objectives

We have 27 professors who are leading systemized and practical education in the School. In the School of Electronic Engineering, we are especially interested in intelligent robots, digital broadcasting, ubiquitous systems, next-generation wireless communications systems, advanced imaging systems, embedded systems, and SoC.

Electronics Engineering Major

  • Introduction
    Electronic Engineering Major puts emphasis on creative education for intelligent, autonomous, and cooperative electronic systems based on information technology. Its curriculum was carefully designed to cultivate highly-educative, practical, and devotional engineers. Finally, it aims to cultivate global IT leaders in various fields of future society. To fulfill its final goals, it intensively carries out “1) Interdisciplinary and practical education, 2) concurrent education of new theories and practices, 3) industry-cooperative education with state-of-the-art companies, and 4) international and domestic voluntary work in engineering”. Its curriculum covers state-of-the art technologies such as semiconductor devices/design, digital system, signal/image processing, display, and communications for intelligent autonomous mobile objects (e.g. robots, vehicles, airplanes). Its graduates make their ways to various research/practical positions such as industries, institutes, public enterprises, patent attorneys, universities, schools, and company establishment.

  • Faculty members
Research Topics
Kim, Boo-GyounProfessor820-0635Electromagnetic Wave Application and Sensors
Hahn, HernsooProfessor820-0709Sensor Fusion ;Robot Vision
Song, InchaeProfessor820-0708Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits
Im, SungbinProfessor820-0906Digital Communication Systems and Higher-Order Signal Processing
Lee, JaejinProfessor820-0901Channel coding, storage system
Cha, Hyung-TaiProfessor820-0711Video/Audio Signal Processing, Perceptual and Emotional Evaluation
Hong, Min-CheolProfessor820-0716Video/Image processing and Visual Communication
Yoo, MyungsikProfessor820-0717Computer Network
Lee, SeongsooAssociate Professor820-0692SoC Design
Shin, Hyun-ChoolAssociate Professor828-7165Electronic Circuit and Data Communication
Park, ChangkunAssistant Professor828-7166Mobile Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing
Lee, HojinAssistant Professor820-0634Device and pixel electrode circuits for AM-OLED displays
Park, MinhoAssociate Professor828-7176Wired/Wireless networks and Security
Yoo, GeonwookAssociate Professor820-0938Solid-state devices
Hong, Sun K.Associate Professor820-0939Applied Electromagnetics, Signal Processing
Lee, HeesubProfessor828-7035 
Chung, Weon-gookProfessor828-7036 
Kim, YoungtakAssociate Professor828-7162Artificial Intellignece Robot systems
Yim, MyungsikAssociate Professor828-7158

IT Convergence Major

  • Introduction
    IT Convergence major originated from the school of electronic engineering. Since 2000s, IT technologies have been developed dramatically, which is leading to the fusion between different technologies inside IT as well as the convergence of IT and other industrial technologies. In order to meet the demands of times, we reorganized IT Convergence major to promote academic development, enhance the educational satisfaction, and increase career opportunities of graduates. The curriculum of IT Convergence major is based on electronic engineering and information & communication engineering. The education curriculum provides the basic knowledge of these engineering technologies, and the advanced education for the convergence of IT and diverse emerging technologies on the basis of the first training. We foster leadership experts having specialized research capabilities, practical skills, scientific thinking, application abilities through the comprehensive curriculum.

  • Faculty members
Research Topics
Bae, Myung-JinProfessor820-0902Speech Communication Engineering, Mobile and Handheld Communication, Sound Engineering
Seo, ChulhunProfessor820-0903Wireless Communication RF Sytem
Kim, Young-HanProfessor820-0904Computer Network
Shin, YoanProfessor820-0632Wireless Communications Systems & Communication Signal Processing
Lee, ChanhoProfessor820-0710Digital System Design
Lee, Won-CheolProfessor820-0907Mobile Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing
Kim, DongsungProfessor820-0713Medical imaging and computer vision
Jung, SouhwanProfessor820-0714Network Security
Kim, ChonghoonProfessor820-0712Optic & Wireless Communication Systems
Moon, YongAssociate Professor820-0715Integrated Circuits Design
Chung, Yun WonAssistant Professor820-0908mobile networks
Shin, Oh-SoonAssistant Professor820-7167Wireless communication
Lee, Jong-HoAssistant Professor828-7161Wireless communication
You, KwangbocAssociate Professor828-7194
Bae, JeomhanProfessor828-7164System on a Chip, IoT System
Park, HyeongwooAssistant Professor820-0936Sound Engineering, Sound Signal Processing
Hong, SeungmoAssistant Professor828-7163Wireless RF & Digital Signal Processing
Ahn, IksooAssistant Professor 820-0905 Applied Acoustic Contents
Dinh Ngoc ThanhAssistant Professor828-7271IoT, 5G, Wireless Ad-hoc and sensor networks, NFV/SDN, Infomation centric networking