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Global School of Media


General Overview

Global School of Media aims to enhance students' capability of utilizing advanced engineering technology combining art and culture. The School's BK21 Digital Media Academic-Industrial Project Team was designated as a beneficiary in the media field of the 2nd stage of BK21 Project in 2006. Under the theme of Art + Tech Convergence, the team has conducted research and provided courses on development of media art and digital technology convergence. We operate many state-of-the-art facilities for practical training: labs with media system equipment, including a digital AV editor, analog editor, computer labs, and studios where students can enjoy various programming and media production.

Educational Goals/Objectives

People today are flooded by too much information of which they do not have adequate handling. This situation calls for new renaissance people who can reorganize and integrate the vast amount of knowledge and information. Our School intends to provide adequate education to resolve this situation by offering adequate interdisciplinary programs to produce futuristic artists, scientists, engineers and humanities scholars. We also promote international studies.

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

  • Freshman: Information Technology and Art, Programming and Lab, Drawing and Plastic Arts, Introduction to Techno-Management, Media Production and Lab
  • Sophomore: Data Structures and Lab, Principles of Digital Media and Lab, Design Theory, Windows Programming and Lab, Visual Image Theory and Practice, Introduction to Computer System, Introduction to Media Art, Digital Storytelling, Computer Graphics, Java Programming and Lab, Graphic Design Theory and Practice
  • Junior: Computer Architecture and Lab, Image Processing and Lab, Graphics Programming and Lab, Animation Theory and Practice, Digital Sound Theory and Practice, Mathematics for Media, Algorithm, Database, Multimedia, Physical Computing, Game Programming and Lab, Film Theory and Practice, Internet Programming and Lab, Flash Programming and Lab
  • SSenior: Data Communication, Computer Vision, Game Development Methodology, Digital Content Project, Thesis Seminar, TV Commercial Theory and Practice, Media Curating, Seminar on Media Engineering and Media Art, Digital Content Design, HCI, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Broadcasting, Communication Theory, Advanced Computer Graphics, Business Marketing, Media Aesthetics, Cultural Content Project, Software Engineering

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

  • Industries and cultural fields utilizing new media
  • Digital broadcasting PD, media artist, web producer, game developer and producer