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Graduation Thesis/Graduation Exam

Submission of Thesis Proposal and Advisor Selection

  • Two semesters before expected graduation, i.e., 7th semester (9th semester for Architecture Majors)
  • Specific dates to be posted each semester
  • Individual research in principle, though joint research not impossible
  • In case of change of proposal, approvals needed from department/school chair and college dean, possible only within the original time frame
  • In case of change of advisor, approval needed from college dean

Submission of Thesis and Evaluation

  • Eligibility : Degree Candidate
  • Evaluated by two or more full-time professors and verified by Thesis Management Committee
  • One professor designated as main referee and the evaluation report to be completed by him/her
  • a minimum of average 70 points required to pass

Comprehensive Exam for Graduation

  • Eligibility: Degree Candidate
  • Application to be submitted to college via department by 10 days before the test
  • Test subjects to be determined by college dean
  • A minimum of 40 points for each subject AND average 60 points required to pass
  • In case the average is 60 points or over but one or more subjects are below 40 points, only those subjects are to be re-taken.
  • Although the average is below 60 points but one or more subjects are at least 60 points, those subjects may be exempted from re-test.