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Joint Major

What is Joint Major?

A joint major creates a third major by combining two or more majors. The purpose is to establish a new educational program by organically integrating different curriculum elements from two or more departments. It is meant to produce professionals with diverse expertise and integrative mind. Currently, Soongsil operates five joint majors: Chinese-Economics-International Commerce, Japanese-Economics-International Commerce, Finance-Engineering-Actuarial Mathematics, PreMed, and Actuarial Mathematics-Risk Management.

Requirements for Joint Major

  • Application: Between 2nd and 6th semesters. Specific dates to be posted
  • Major courses are offered according to the curriculum of the original departments.
  • The same course cannot be counted for both major and joint major.
  • If you complete all graduation requirements and joint major requirements, your joint major is listed on your diploma.
  • To complete joint major requirements, you have to acquire 36 units from your (original) major, not including major-basics, and another 36 units from joint major. Specific requirements for particular joint majors are as follows:
Requirements for Joint Major
Joint Major (Original) Major Requirement (units) Joint Major Requirement (units)
Area 1 Area 2
Chinese-Economics-International Commerce36Chinese DeptEconomics/International
Japanese-Economics-International Commerce36Japanese DeptEconomics/International Commerce
Finance-Engineering-Actuarial Mathematics
(a minimum of 12 units per area)
36Statistics & Actuarial ScienceSchool of Business Administration
Premed36Medical-biosystematics Physics/Chemistry
Actuarial Mathematics-Risk Management36Statistics & Actuarial Science School of Business Admin/Economics/Mathematics/ Industrial Information Systems Engineering