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Soongsil University provides lifelong education through its founding principle of “Truth and Service.”

The First in Korea

Soongsil University’s roots trace back to 1897, when Dr. W. M. Baird, an American missionary started teaching from his residence in Pyongyang. Soongsil was then given the title of the first university in Korea. Later during the Japanese occupation when Korea lost its sovereignty, Soongsil University made national liberalization its top priority and took the lead in the national independence movement. In 1938, the school even decided to close itself down in protest against forced worship at Japanese shrines. Even throughout Korea’s tumultuous history, Soongsil has always striven to be the first.

Student Oriented University

Soongsil’s foundation is its students. They are its life and every employee is there to facilitate their development. Educational curriculum is based on current business practices and on students’ needs..
Our main goal is to produce global talents and well respected leaders who understand and participate in the growing global community. Soongsil is a gateway to the world. Upon completing their education students leave not only with a degree but also with a lifelong personal and professional network.

Global Competitive Power through Specialization

Soongsil University is pursuing global competitive power through specialization. As highly qualified faculty and unique educational programs are customized for each department with alliances between businesses and other universities worldwide, Soongsil is able to meet its goal of producing much needed global talents. It nurtures men and women of faith and ability by building on its long standing strengths. Thus it makes giant leaps towards a brighter future.

The First University

Since its founding Soongsil University has passed down the spirit and faith of its forefathers by constantly following its original mission. At the Sang-do campus, there are over 15,000 students and over 600 faculty members all dedicated to our founder’s philosophy of Truth and Service. They strive to establish and maintain Soongsil as a top higher learning institution in the 21st century. Soongsil University is not only the first university in Korea but seeks to be the number one university as well.




Seoul, Korea

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Truth and Service





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