Engineering Education Innovation Center is, in a word, ABEEK in Soongsil. That is, our Center is dedicated to implementing the accreditation program
administered by The Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea. This accreditation program is intended to guarantee the quality of engineering
education in Korean universities by sponsoring and evaluating engineering curricula and syllabi of participating technology-related university departments.
Therefore, successful graduates from accredited departments are supposed to properly perform technological tasks in the industrial environments.

More specifically, objectives of ABEEK can be summarized as follows

More specifically, objectives of ABEEK can be summarized as follows

Accreditation Effects

  • To be equipped with basic qualities and major-related capabilities
  • To be able to develop professional skills based on their attitudes
  • To take advantage in preparation of engineer / professional engineer license tests
  • To take advantage in finding jobs

Degree Title for graduates with accreditation

Degree Title (in Korean) Degree Title
Degree with Accreditation Curriculum 공학사(OO*공학심화) Bachelor of Science in OO* Engineering
Regular Degree 공학사 Bachelor of Science in Engineering

※ OO designates a particular major.


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