Professional Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Small and Medium Business

This graduate school of Small and Medium Business is the first special graduate school in Korea established on Oct. 29, 1983 with the aim of training professional personnel in the field of SMEs with the approval of establishment by the education department.

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Graduate School of Information Sciences

In accordance with Education Law Article 108 and as well as with Soongsil’s teaching philosophy, we teach theories and practices related to the information industry. We guide computer professionals in a scientific way. And we provide guidance to students so that they may contribute to the development of the information industry and to specialized graduate schools. In November 1987, 80 graduates from the Ministry of Education formed The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. It is a special graduate school cultivating computer manpower with leadership manpower as well as the information management ability necessary to contribute to the development of the information industry.

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Graduate School of Social Welfare

The Graduate School of Social Welfare was first established as the Graduate School of Unification Policy in 1991. It became the Graduate School of Unification Policy and Social Welfare Policy in 2000, and finally acquired its current name in 2006. Our school has seven majors whose educational goals are to guide students in acquiring graduate-level clinical, analytical, and organizational skills for effective practice at all levels of social intervention: individual, family, program, organization, community, and policy. The program helps students become leaders in the field of social welfare. The school teaches social work values and standards of ethical behavior. The school expects students to be committed to improving the lives of vulnerable populations and to promoting social and economic justice.

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Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education was established in 1996. It is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art theoretical and practical education in the field of general education as well as in specific subjects. We mainly offer in-service training for active teachers in primary and secondary schools. But we also cater to other prospective teachers of any level of instruction, including preschool and kindergarten teachers. The School is proud to have excellent faculty-student relationships both in and out of the classroom. The curricula include on-line lectures in addition to regular classroom seminars, which proves to be crucially helpful in terms of time and money (and energy, of course). The School offers interesting cultural experiences during the semester and during the vacation. These programs are part of the curriculum.
The curricula of the Graduate School of Education are designed to gear students to becoming leaders in global education in the 21st century. To achieve this goal, the curricula consist of two parts, common core and major-specific. The common core part of the curricula, which includes general education courses, is required for all students. The major-specific part is subdivided into two sections: content-focused and method-focused courses. Theoretical knowledge and practical applications are balanced in the courses of each major area so that students can obtain enlightened perspectives on education during the coursework.

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Graduate School of Christian Studies

Soongsil University was founded in Pyongyang, now in North Korea, in 1987 and became Korea’s first modern college in 1905. The University demonstrated its Christian integrity when it closed its doors in 1938 in resistance to the demand of the Japanese authorities to worship Japanese Shinto shrines. In line with this spiritual practice, Soongsil University cultivated a number of influential and respected pastors and Christian leaders, such as: Han Kyung-Jik, Park Hyung-Ryong, Park Yoon-Sun, and Kang Shin-Myung. The Graduate School of Christian Studies was established in 1998, when the University celebrated its centennial anniversary. The Graduate School of Christian Studies was designed to provide a high level of professional education and training for Christian leaders and ministers in keeping with the founding ideas of the university and its historical tradition. The Graduate School of Christian Studies intends to challenge its students and to fulfill the pastoral and theological needs of 21st century evangelical reformed theology.

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Graduate School of Business Administration

The Graduate School of Business Administration was reestablished in 2009 by integrating the Graduate School of International Commerce with the Graduate School of Business Administration. This new school offers educational services to cultivate talents needed in fast-changing global business environments. Our faculty have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in diverse areas of business administration. That being the case they are optimally suited to help students improve their capabilities as professionals or managers. Our graduate school consists of eight departments: Professional Management, Service Operations Management, Global Project Management, Accounting and Tax, Private Banking, Industrial Relations, International Commerce, and Chinese Trade and Investment. Each department provides a unique business program on the basis of common core knowledge in business administration.

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