Industry-University cooperation

Soongsil University is an industry-academia cooperation university that contributes to society by considering the sustainable development of industry-academia community through technological innovation and communication.

Industry-university cooperation is a request of the times.

The university cultivates human resources that can continuously develop new technologies that companies can industrialize and put them directly into the industrial field. In addition, it can not exist without continuing to retrain the workforce in the industrial field.

Soongsil University is actively utilizing the Technology Transfer Center and Venture Small and Medium Business Center in order to positively accept the demands of the times and effectively carry out industry-university cooperation.

In addition to establishing an industry-academia cooperation center, Soongsil University is leaping to become a world-class university-industry cooperation university contributing to the nation and humanity by maximizing its research capacity.

Vision University-industry cooperation university contributing to society
Goals 1. Strengthening the capacity of start-up business through cultivating talented frontier talent
2. Sustainable industrial-academic community win-win development through technological innovation and communication
Promotion Strategies &
Interactive industry-university cooperation based on technological innovation Establishment of education system for humanity frontier manpower of creative Recruitment and start-up
business and job creation
Establishment of sustainable industry-university cooperation system
  • ACU(Academy & Company in University) Establish an industry-academy community
  • Focus on ICT, energy, clothing, culture and art convergence industry
  • Activation of industry-university cooperation of technology holding company / family company
  • Focus on industry-academia cooperation-friendly curriculum
  • 10 ICT-based Future Technology Convergence Major
  • Expansion of integrated curriculum
  • Training a practitioner-oriented workforce tailored to industry
  • Expansion of specialized programs for strengthening welfare and entrepreneurship capacity
  • Activation of teacher business
  • Strengthening role of core professors in industry-academia cooperation
  • New Talent Development Institute (Employment + Entrepreneurship + Internship + Field Practice + Capstone Design Support)
  • Strengthening the Capacity of Industry
  • Academic Cooperation Centers
  • Acceptance of friendly personnel type system
  • Establishment of a stop service system for industry-academia cooperation
  • Self-development through increased profit of industry-academy cooperation