Research at Soongsil

Soongsil University presents a new research paradigm through convergence research and steadily improves research capacity to create new research results.

Positioning a global mecca leading the 21st century convergence.

Soongsil University is carrying out convergence research projects beyond the existing interdisciplinary research. We are enhancing the image of the university as a leader in convergence research and education leading to basic and applied technology and advanced technology.

We carry out optimized convergence research tasks of the fourth industrial revolution era ranging from life technology, robot technology, IT, energy, distribution logistics, contents, and train high-fidelity research manpower that will be the hero of the convergence industry in Korea.

Soongsil University is doing its best to serve as a support platform and a control tower to support comprehensive research in the field of humanities and social sciences as well as science and technology, cooperation with universities abroad, and support for large projects.

“University symbolized as a 21st century convergence mecca”
Developing advanced human resources leading the global convergence industry
Core Objectives

“Building a leading model of industry-academy-research cooperation in future convergence”

Core Alliance

Global Standard

World Class E&RD

Promotion Strategies

“Building a flexible organizational system for convergent educational research”

Establishment cooperation system

Selection and concentration of R & D resources

Promoting convergence research

Soongsil Institue of convergence Technology(SIFT)

convergence is a trend of the times. From the industrial point of view, the 21st century is a period of knowledge-based convergence industries. This new period of global convergence technology requires that the old partitions and compartments that have long been a modus operandi in universities and industries be removed and that a new paradigm of consilience between disciplines, between technologies or industries be established to achieve packaging, hybridization, and even convergence of technologies. Soongsil Institute of convergence Technology has been launched as an R&BD* organization in this context.

*R&BD: Research and Business Development