Focus Institutes

University-wide institutes that receive intensive support from the University to facilitate research development contracts and grants from outside sources.

College Institute Description Office Phone
Humanities Institute of Korean Traditional Literature and Art Integration of IT technology with research into traditional Korean cultural assets. Cumming hall 104 820-0846
Social Sciences Institute of Social Welfare Research into education and training programs of social welfare, focusing on systematic approach to social welfare studies. Cumming hall
Business Administration Institute of Management Innovation and Evaluation Research into innovation evaluation of business administration. Economics and Business Building
Natural Sciences Bioinformatics and Molecular Design Research Center Research into intelligence materials, protein, and new materials, based on molecular design technology. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Center 715 820-0818
Engineering Center for Small & Medium Business Industrial and Academic Cooperation Supported by the central and local governments, the Center is dedicated to research into issues of small and medium business in regional areas. Hyungnam Engineering Building
IT Institute of Information and Media Technology Research into information- and media-related technologies, from basic research to commercial applications.
In particular, the Institute is dedicated to ubiquitous application of digital broadcasting.
We are designated as a Game Research Center by the government.
Law Building
IT Intelligence Robot Research Center Research into basic technology and application technology of intelligence robots. Computer Science Institute 501 812-8966
IT Ubiquitous Network Research Center Research into u-Zone-based networking technology as a network infrastructure for ubiquitous computing. The Center is part of the government project ‘Ubiquitous Computing and Network Source Technology Development Project’. Hyungnam Engineering Building 424 820-0841
IT Center for University and Industrial Cooperative IT Training and Education Supporting regular curricula and providing other research-related practical education programs, thereby contributing to development of national IT industry. Hyungnam Engineering Building 1110 820-0717
IT Business Institute of Information Science Promoting active participation in industry-university-research projects by Soongsil professors, research force and alumni. Dedicated to education and training of field-centered up-to-date information technologies, thereby improving competitiveness of small businesses. Computer Science Institute 415 824-5768