General Institutes

Other institutes that can be promoted to a Focus Institute based on their performances.

College Institute Description Office Phone
Humanities Soongsil University Gifted and Talented Education Institute Research into questions for and answers to issues of education for the gifted and talented.
Trying to be part of regional development by enhancing educational environments of the region.
Ahn Eaktai Hall B03 820-0829
Humanities Institute of Korea Lifelong Education and HRD Research into theoretical issues and other fundamental problems of lifelong education and human resources development in Korea. Additionally, focusing on education, training, development and consulting. Jo Mansik Hall 741 820-0804
Humanities Institute of Cultural Missionary Work Dedicated to introducing Christian martyrdom sites and early missionary sites to bible study leaders, missionary workers, and would-be missionaries. Cumming Hall 109 820-7283
Business Administration Project Management Center Dedicated to theoretical research of project management and development of applications.
Involved in consulting and education and training on project management.
Particularly interested in construction industry, R&D field, and SI field.
Economics and Business Building 101 820-0082
Business Administration Institute of Small Business Creation and Management Research into small business creation and management.
Interested in interdisciplinary research support on the field.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Center 402 820-0576
Engineering IT Center for Sensory Research Research into fundamental and applications technologies of micro-sensory sensor, focusing on fusion technology. Hyungnam Engineering Building 901 820-0613
IT Center for Regional Innovation Dedicated to providing technology support to, and constructing cooperation networks of, regional businesses in South-western part of Seoul, promoting university-industry cooperation and regional innovation. Hyungnam Engineering Building 309 820-7116
IT Institute of Underwater Acoustic Communication Research into fundamental and applications technologies of underwater acoustic communication and training workforce in the field, contributing to technological advancement and development of university-research-military sectors. Hyungnam Engineering Building 1009 820-0918
IT Center for Electronic Micro-system Packaging Research into fundamental and applications technologies of electronic micro-system packaging and training workforce in the field. Law Building 102 820-0635
IT Institute of Cultural Content Technology Research into and development of cultural content technology, supporting interdisciplinary research efforts. Information Science Building 504 820-0679
Humanities Soongsil Institute of Christian Counseling Research into couple counseling and family counseling, development of counseling techniques through counseling practice, and cooperation with other counseling institutions. Hyungnam Engineering Building 431 820-9204
Economics and International Commerce Institute of Industrial Economics Research Research into energy industry, environment-and-development issues, privatization of public institutions, women’s issues, and child care issues, with special emphasis on the cooperation between academic research and industrial sectors. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Center 708 820-0559
Natural Sciences Creativity Research Institute Research into mathematics-based creativity. Contributing to advancement of education through education and training. Baird Hall 422-1 820-0411
Humanities Institute of English Education Facilitating research into English education and applying the academic achievements to the educational practice and other related fields. Faculty Research Building 205 820-0341
Engineering Institute for Eco-System Research into issues of low-carbon and green-growth, with special attention to feasibility, credibility, and efficiency. Hyungnam Engineering Building 718 820-0696
IT Sound Engineering Center Research into sound technology and academic exchange with other research centers. Hyungnam Engineering Building 1212 814-0618
IT Institute of Cognitive Radio Communications Research into fundamental and applications technologies of cognitive radio communications. Hyungnam Engineering Building 1202 820-0907
IT Mobile Service Software Engineering Center Providing digital media applications services in the form of ubiquitous computing and digital convergence in Korea. Computer Science Institute 517, 518 820-0914
Engineering Green Fusion Technology Institute Research into fundamental and applications technologies for next-generation energy development. Hyungnam Engineering Building 905 820-0629