Primary Institutes

College-based institutes that are designed to facilitate research and development of each college

College Institute Description Office Phone
Humanities Institute of Korean Christian Culture Research into history, ideologies, and cultural phenomena of Korean Christianity. Aiming to promote the ideals of the Korean church and Soongsil University. Cumming hall
Humanities Institute of Humanities Research into diverse fields of humanities to achieve academic excellence. Supporting forums, conferences, colloquia and publication of papers. Cumming hall
Law Institute of Legal Studies Research into legal theories. Supporting academic conferences and seminars. Law Building
Social Sciences Institute of Social Sciences Research into theories and practices of social sciences. Aiming to facilitate the study of social sciences. Cumming hall 110 820-0844
Business Administration Institute for Business and Economic Strategies Research into and training of business and economic strategies. Promoting domestic and international conferences and university-industry cooperation. Economics and Business Building 501 820-0834
Economics and Business Building Institute of Natural Sciences Research into basic natural science fields. Promoting research of natural sciences. Baird Hall 504 820-0836
Engineering Institute of Future Technology Research into state-of-the-art technologies. Promoting university-industry cooperation for the development of information society and related industries. Hyungnam Engineering Building 303 820-0831
IT Institute of High-Tech IT Convergence Supporting on-campus research manpower to integrate diverse research efforts for systematic approach to large-scale research projects sponsored by the government and industries, thereby promoting competitiveness of research and development of Soongsil. Hyungnam Engineering Building 306 820-0840
Economics and International Commerce Institute of Economics and International Commerce Dedicated to basic research and policy development for improvement of national economics and international commerce. Supporting publication of an international academic journal dedicated to this field. 820-0547